Sebastian Questa Elementary School

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Contact Information

  • Sebastian Questa Elementary School
  • 685 N. Montebello St.
  • Mountain House, CA 95391

  • Main Office: 209.836.7230
  • Report Attendance: 209.836.7231
  • Fax: 209.836.7232



Lem Vergara


Sebastian Questa Elementary School is the third K-8 school to be constructed in Mountain House, and opened in the 2010-2011 academic year.


The facility, designed by BFGC Architects, is a 70% copy of Don Callejon School built for the Santa Clara Unified School District in 2006. Among the changes made to Questa's final design include a rearrangement of the buildings, modifications to certain architectural elements, and a new entrance. Like Don Callejon School, Questa School's buildings also surround a central quad area.

Students within the attendance area of Questa School include those residing in Questa Village and Altamont Village.


Lammersville School District



Lammersville Unified School District Board Minutes - June 25, 2008