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General Information

The Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD), the government agency of Mountain House, was formed in 1996. The role of the MHCSD is to set policies, ordinances, regulations and to serve the residents of Mountain House. Previously, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors (SJCBoS) served as the Board of Directors of the MHCSD. In the November 2008 election, the residents of Mountain House elected our own independent Board of Directors to direct the MHCSD.

Contact Information

  • (209) 831-2300 (Main)
  • (209) 831-5610 (Fax)


The MHCSD is divided into 5 departments which work together to provide the highest quality of service for Mountain House residents.

Organization Chart

General Manager

Serves as the chief administrative officer of the MHCSD and implements policies set by the MHCSD Board of Directors. The General Manager enforces laws, ordinances and Master Restrictions, as well as provides day-to-day executive oversight and management of all the MHCSD Departments.

Public Works

Sets standards for the design, development and construction of streets, utilities, and other public infrastructure. Public Works ensures that all public utilities and facilities are in place and maintained for the residents of Mountain House.

Business Administration

Oversees the financial and business aspects of running the MHCSD. The department administers public funds and maintains financial records.


Oversees the growth of MHCSD and plans for future expansion. This Department reviews and makes recommendations on development applications and annexations. In addition, the department checks plans to ensure compliance with current regulations and identifies whether proposed development will have an impact on the surrounding environment.

Neighborhood Administration

Manages neighborhood activities and coordinates libraries, public education and safety services. Responsible for the enforcement of Master Restrictions. Acts as the community liaison between Mountain House residents and the MHCSD. This department cultivates a neighborhood feeling through the administration of community activities.

Operations & Maintenance

Maintains public utilities and facilities and community areas within MHCSD. This Department is in charge of the operations and maintenance of municipal facilities that residents and businesses use everyday. Currently this department's responsibilities are handled through the Public Works Department.

Other Staff

Office Manager

District Secretary

Billing Coordinator

Office Assistants

Master Restrictions

A copy of the Mountain House Master Restrictions can be found here:

Approved Plant List

List of plants which can be utilized in landscaping projects as specified by the Master Restrictions.

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