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7th Annual Community Garage Sale - 2014

May 3rd
8am to 3pm
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Print Friendly Map and Address Lists

Printed Map handouts will be provided at the following locations:



Each home hosts their own sale at their own address.

Locations in Wicklund Village

Wicklund GoogleMap

Locations in Bethany Village

503 W Las Brisas Dr
Bethany Google Map

Locations in Altamont Village

Altamont google map

Locations in Questa Village

Questa GoogleMap


This year the Friends of the Library will again have a "mini garage sale" along with the traditional spring used book sale; members of the Friends of the Library will place some extra tables outside the library, and will be selling typical garage sale items such as household items, accessories, etc. We had a good turnout last year, so we are hopeful we can again raise some much needed funds for the library.

Mountain House Friends of the Library

Used Book and Garage Sale


You may Donate via Paypal

Please add this code to the bottom of your craigslist ads:

Part of the 7th Annual Mountain House Community Wide Garage Sale
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Master Restrictions

Please keep in mind that this sale is subject to the terms of the master restrictions.

Garage Sales. The use of front yards and garages for garage sales or other activities which clutter areas visible from the adjacent street for more than two (2) days within any twelve (12) month period is prohibited. Exterior signs advertising garage or yard sales are prohibited within the community.

From page 16 Section P of the Master Restrictions


If you'd like to participate:


Sign Up Form
get a free wiki account and update the page,
send an e-mail to me along with a street address and a short list of things you'll be selling,

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